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Hello Folks.

How ya doin'? Welcome to our little BBS here in Yavapai County. We are just starting out setting up this site, never have done a BBS before, so we aim to stay away from those damn Googleads or flashy pop up ads. Freakin' annoying things. They only do it to gain revenue on their sites..., hmmm, no, not gunna do it..., for now. Of course revenue can be generated in many formats, and of course, this stuff isn't free to me. For right now, let's see where it goes.


So, a little more about this site. I kind of made it for the public of Yavapai to use. Right now, the forums created are just trial forums with trial posts while I figure out how to run the thing. Fortunately, this BBS software is supplied by my host, but it may not be the best version out there. And there is no real support for it, just reading material. I have seen VBulletin BBS and like it, but that would cost money. I don't want to charge people for BBS access, but if money can come my way...

Anyhow, pardon me while I play around. You can play around. Perhaps we can play together. Um..., perhaps if you have an interest at moderating a forum, perhaps one of your choosing, within the rules of course. What rules? Um, I'll let you know when I put them on paper. I don't have the time to read every forum (as if - you know), so why not let others moderate the forums they might like, as long as they know how to be responsibly neutral. This is not "your private forum", it is a public forum, and people have a right to speak as adults... er... meaning to say... "DISCUSSION". Moderators have the responsibility to know what is discussional talk and what is H & D. (Hate and Discontent.)


If you would like to be involved, contact me.

thedude (at here).

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